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  • LAHAVA 2020 Wedding dresses

    Wedding dress 11/10/2019

    LAHAVA 2020 Wedding dresses

    The 2020 bridal colleciton by LAHAVA featues elegant and sensual designs with stunning embroidery and gorgeous materials. Delicated floral appliques and sparkly beaded with the mermaid and princess silhouettes.
  • LAHAVA 2019 Wedding Ao dai collection

    Ao dai Vietnam 12/11/2018

    LAHAVA 2019 Wedding Ao dai collection

    Inspired by gentle, intelligent women. LAHAVA 2019 Wedding Ao dai Characterized by intricate bodices and statement backs, some of the looks include options like detachable capes, allowing brides to go from the formal ceremony to a second, sexier reception look.
  • LAHAVA 2019 Evening dresses

    Evening dresses 03/10/2018

    LAHAVA 2019 Evening dresses

    All our gowns are designed to feel lightweight and easy-to wear, be comfortable and grant you freedom of movement. LAHAVA 2019 Evening dress will give you more options for your upcoming events.
  • LAHAVA 2019 Wedding dresses

    Wedding dress 24/07/2018

    LAHAVA 2019 Wedding dresses

    Still with the familiar design style, it is aimed at the gentle and elegant, soft and attractive ... LAHAVA 2019 wedding dresses will give you more great suggestions for your big day.
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